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This is why I think ‘Maintaining Cultural diversity as a world’ should be one of the sustainable development goals.

Photo by Ashes Sitoula on Unsplash

like a human or any other (In the Sinhala language, the body is කය”, and the world is ලෝකය”). A body is a unified field of behaviour. It has that may behave individually in delineated ways. But each of those implies the body as a whole entity. It is essential to maintain these different within different for there to be a body. Simultaneously, though look unique, a boundary wherein they separate either from each other or from the body as a whole cannot be found.

Where do the…

What may I become? (An artwork by author).

A dying person,
a baby coming into being?
the one who is fronting an accident,
or the one who is hosting an honour?

the one who is sleeping,
or the one who is dreaming?
the one who is bored
but so much to do,
or the one who is alert
yet nothing to do?

the one who is in enormous pain,
or that one who is deliriously happy?

the one who has some much food
but no hunger,
or the one who has so much hunger
but no food?

the one who worries about yesterday,
or the one who anxious about…

A summary of observations, insights and experiences in feeding wild birds.

Photo by Pramod Tiwari on Unsplash

Since a child, I was fascinated by birds — specifically parrots. I think I thought they are very odd among other birds. Not just because they look beautiful thus stand out but also because they behave strangely. They can hang from branches and perform some unique stances. They use their beak as another leg or an arm to walk not just because they can but probably because they are so lazy. One would catch a branch with its beak and swing to grab hold of it with its feet. Thus they can walk on almost all kind of angled surface…


Landscape Architect

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